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Accounting Department

When I started here in November of 2013, we were rapidly approaching our 10 th anniversary and faced with the first big “but how do we celebrate this milestone” question. is 19 years old today.

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Meeting the expectations of a digital customer


Chad and his partner, Josh Zweig, met in February 2013 with the idea of combining technology and tax under one roof. Nine years later, the firm has over 110 employees, it’s been remote-first since 2013 and services over 650 clients across Canada.

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Amazon EKS Pricing + Cluster Deployment Tutorial


In 2013, Google started an internal project to develop a container management system, which later became Kubernetes (K8s), an open-source project developed for container orchestration.

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The 11 Best Docker Alternatives (The Complete 2022 List)


Although container-related technology existed before 2013, Docker revolutionized and propelled it into the mainstream. Using Docker, developers could automatically create containers from application source code, share libraries, and reuse containers.

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What's the strangest class you took to get to 150 hours?

Blake Oliver

He went back to his college transcript, and sure enough - In the summer of 2013, he passed "Beginning Walking/Jogging" with an A, graduating that August with exactly 150 semester hours. A listener confessed to taking "Beginner's Walking/Jogging" as his final class before earning his 150 credits to sit for the CPA exam.

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Statements of Position definition

Accounting Tools

The last statement of position was issued in 2013. Once a statement of position is issued, the Financial Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) may incorporate some elements of it in the FASB's formulation of new accounting standards.

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PR Dispatch’s founder on how the platform is giving small businesses a voice


After working with many more brands, Rosie founded her own agency, LFA, in 2013. . “I “A few days later I got responses and thought, this is incredible – this is how businesses gain awareness.”. I started with no experience, and often wondered about small business owners in the same boat.

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