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Swiss bank Pictet to pay $123M to end US tax case

Accounting Today

Federal prosecutors charged Pictet with conspiring to help taxpayers use 1,637 accounts to conceal assets and income from the IRS between 2008 and 2014.

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The Brigade Business Breakthrough Blog


The interview centered on how she has led Brigade as an advisory, accounting and bookkeeping company 'to exceptional growth since its founding in 2008, and recently launched a new platform for other firms to find a “breakthrough” for even greater success. Brigade CEO Elizabeth Manso , CPA, was recently profiled in City Biz magazine.

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4 Common Obstacles To Managing Microsoft Azure Costs


Microsoft Azure was a relative latecomer to the public cloud market: AWS preempted everyone in 2006, and Google GCP came next, in 2008. By the time Azure launched in 2010, the public cloud market had already grown to more than $24 billion.

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How Vinod Shah & Co is embracing cloud accounting to reach their paperless goal


After many years of the business going from strength to strength, Punita became a partner in 2008. He says: “I graduated around the financial crisis in 2008, and due to the state of the industry at the time I found it hard to get a graduate scheme for an accountancy firm. Two years later, Ravi entered the fray.

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Inside the Booming Creator Economy: What Brands Need to Know


The job market was difficult due to the lingering effects of the 2008 global financial crisis, and the screenwriting […] Inside the Booming Creator Economy: What Brands Need to Know In 2011, I had zero dollars to my name and was living off Ramen noodles and the hope that someone would read my Glee spec script.

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3 Common GCP Billing Challenges — And How CloudZero Overcomes Them


Launched in 2008 — just two years after AWS — GCP has taken the bronze medal in public cloud services for years. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google’s answer to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, is steadily gaining steam.

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Building the Next Superapp with David Barrett, CEO of Expensify

Cloud Accounting Podcast

David is a lifelong programmer who founded Expensify in 2008 and built it into the most popular "pre-accounting" platform on the planet. Hear David's vision for the New Expensify, in which every payment is a conversation. Meet Our Guest: David Barrett, CEO of Expensify [link] Learn more about Expensify [link] Need CPE?